Posted by: GoRight | March 31, 2010

Well, they banned me today.

It has been a good long run and if it ended up any other way I wouldn’t have been trying hard enough to change the entrenched bias that exists there.  The relevant discussion is located here.  The follow-on discussion will be found here.

UPDATE: Yesterday I sent an email to the ban appeals subcommittee.  Today I received an acknowledgment which simply states “This is a note confirming that we’ve received your e-mail. Someone should be in touch with you at some point.”  So my request has made it into the queue.

UPDATE II: Well, Ryan must have been pinged by the ban appeals subcommittee because he finally responded to me here.  My reply to him is here.

After thinking about his response and my previous arbitration request against his implementation of the Climate Change Probation for an equally suspect interpretation of an AN discussion as we have here with my “ban”, it occurs to me that technically he and I are still in a dispute over that since the Arbitration Committee never actually heard or ruled on that complaint.  I mean, I still dispute the validity of his judgment call in that case.  Blocking someone that they are in a dispute with is typically considered bad form for any administrator.  Just ask William M. Connolley and a number of others about that.

For this reason Ryan most likely should have left that closing to someone other than himself.  Perhaps the photo Ryan has posted on his user page actually explains a few things and should be taken more seriously than it would at first appear.  I’ll leave that for others to decide.

UPDATE III: Well, the subcommittee finally responded to me today.  I have posted their response here.  All things considered I plan to pursue option “(ii) six-months complete absence from the English Wikipedia.” which means I’ll resubmit my appeal some time around November 1, 2010.



  1. Now that you have been excommunicated, you are free to write the truth.

    I have read the rest of this site. You do a good job when there is no one to argue with.

    Sorry about the dummy name and email, but I am sure you understand.

  2. […] More here at pediawatch […]

  3. GR,

    Very sorry to hear about this, and it has been good working with you on the project. Let’s hope together that Wikipedia is reformed before its administrators destroy it.

    I would, by the way, support you if you raised the case to ArbCom, not that my voice would probably make much difference.

    Best wishes,

  4. I know this sounds platitudinous given the tremendous amount of work you did trying to improve Wikipedia, but there will be life after Wikipedia. You could, in fact, think of yourself as having been “liberated” from Wikipedia instead of being “banned”, if that helps.

    You were clearly making a heroic effort to be civil with the pro-AGW triumvirate and their minions, much more so than I would have been under the same circumstances. Given that Dr. Connolley, et al, are held to a much lower standard of civility, I am certain I wouldn’t have lasted more than a few weeks in that environment.

    After seeing what has happened to yourself, TGL, and at least a dozen others at Wikipedia over the past four months, I know it would be a complete waste of my time to try to edit WP, and I’m not even remotely tempted to do so. There’s just no point when the cards are stacked against you, and frustration is the only reward for your efforts.

    Take a break, put Wikipedia behind you, and start looking towards the future. At the very least, you can take consolation in the fact that watching your career at Wikipedia has enabled me to avoid months of fruitless and exasperating debate with the AGW believers that could only have ended in my ignominious expulsion from Wikipedia, and I greatly appreciate that.

  5. A number of people have pointed this out, so thanks. Yes, in some sense I have been liberated but as far as being “banned” goes, well, it comes with the territory on those articles as you well know. I don’t take it personally, of course, because it’s just Wikipolitics working against me like all of the others.

    What you have seen over the past few months has been going on for years and with many, many skeptics so the bias on those pages is no surprise. Continuing to raise awareness of the problem and shining the light of truth onto it is the cure though.

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