Posted by: GoRight | April 5, 2010

A good example of William M. Connolley’s work on Wikipedia.

William M. Connolley’s efforts to enforce a specific POV on Wikipedia within the climate change articles are well known and have been prominently noted in the international media:

Since it was a slow day on the Wikipedia climate change probation I took the opportunity to simply browse around a bit and see how things were going in the various interesting places to be found there.  One such place is always the User talk:William M. Connolley page so I stopped over for a little look see.

Prior experience suggests that on this particular page what you see may not be all there is to see so I tend to look back through the history of that page to see what has been systematically scrubbed from it.  This is generally where the more interesting content from that page is to be found.

Today was no exception and I quickly took note of this diff which was used to remove this section from the page.  I’ll quote it in its entirety for your benefit:

Question about Booker

WMC, when you made this edit to the Christopher Booker article and edits like these [10] [11] [12] [13] to Booker’s book, The Real Global Warming Disaster, were you aware at the time that the book mentioned you in an unflattering way on pages 236–237? Cla68 (talk) 08:19, 4 April 2010 (UTC)

Now this seems a fair question but one that WMC seems unwilling to answer judging from his rather abrupt brushing of the matter into the bit bucket as it were.  For the curious out there this book is available on and it’s contents can be easily searched.  If you search for “Connolley” the website dutifully serves up the places where WMC is mentioned.  I won’t excerpt it here for you out of respect for the copyright on that material so you will need to go search for yourself.

What you will find isn’t that earth shattering, and it isn’t anything that we haven’t already been made aware of in the media links above, but it clearly highlights how WMC frequently has conflicts of interest on the articles that he edits.  Was he specifically aware of the COI in this case?  Only he knows for sure but I seriously doubt that knowing would have stopped him from acting as he did.  That’s just not how he’s made in my experience with him.

The thing that caught my eye with this diff is that WMC is using the blog of one of his best buds, Tim Lambert, to source his claim.  This is just another example of what counts as [[WP:RS]] on the climate change pages as we learned right here.  My, what a small world WMC seems to travel in.



  1. And his response to questions about his conflict of interest was the same as the response to my question about his meatpuppetry – delete, delete and delete.

    It is clear as day that he is either getting paid to edit wikipedia or is a complete and utter loon.

    And I’m not the only one who thinks so: (John Ray, PhD)

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