Posted by: Honest ABE | April 21, 2010

Administrative Conflict of Interest?

I was browsing the climate change enforcement page, a place where a set of sanctions apparently designed to make it easier to ban POV’s contrary to the wikipedia party line are enforced and I noticed a post from Bozmo, where he states:

“Six years ago I was responsible for Gas, Electricity and Carbon permit trading (plus a billion dollars of other stuff).”

Bozmo is one of the major admins involved in harassing editors skeptical of climate change – his former (current?) professional interest in the subject comes as no great surprise.

Also, on the same page, the famously hard-assed admin “Nuclear Winter” amusingly opined that the climate change pages would be better administrated by climatologists – apparently forgetting that the kook they claim is a climatologist, Will Connolley, was such a horrible admin (blocking people who disagreed with him) that he had to be relieved of his authority by the ruling body of wikipedia.

It seems like the only difference between philosopher-kings and philosopher-tyrants is that the former has a nice title to hide behind.

Minor Update: Bozmo (Andrew Cates) apparently frequents Connolley’s blog, “Stoat,” and I’m sure that has nothing to do with Bozmo consistently defending Connolley from sanctions under the Climate Change probation at wikipedia. Considering how often enforcement requests come up against Connolley then you’d think Bozmo would recuse himself – especially if he has a financial interest in the carbon credit market, but this sort of conflict of interest is pretty typical in this area since the administrators who police the climate change articles have volunteered to do so.

Of course, I suppose I could get really paranoid and mention that he lives near the University of East Anglia – and near William Connolley as well. Perhaps these two mathematicians have met up for tea?


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