Posted by: GoRight | May 25, 2010

Don’t worry guys, I’ve got it covered.

I take note of the following from the current tome that is a follow-up to a Climate Change Probation Request for Enforcement against William M. Connolley which ended in his being indefinitely topic banned from editing Fred Singer’s BLP, but then was overturned by his tag teammates (among others).

Hipocrite goes ballistic:

If anyone does this, I will immediatly seek to have them stripped of their tools and banned forever for eggregious BLP violations. Cla68 – remember when you almost got banned for threatening to go to newspapers about someone you didn’t like? You’re doing it again. Only warning. Hipocrite (talk) 19:12, 25 May 2010 (UTC)

and still more:

You know what’s not entiurly helpful? People threatening to loose wikipedia internal conflicts out on identifiable living persons. Of course, you’ve taken sides here, so let me ask you – you’ve been sanctioned before, right? How would you like it if we sent personalized notices of those sanctions to people who have actually gone out of their way to make your real life more difficult? Thats what’s being proposed here. That we send a personalized notice saying “Hey, we banned WMC from your bio!” to a guy who makes his living trying to score points off of WMC. The parallels are astonishing. Hipocrite (talk) 19:21, 25 May 2010 (UTC)

Herein he complains about people letting internal Wikipedia conflicts out on the real world.  That’s rich.  First of all, this is all out in the open already … look, H, I’m reading what you are writing.  Duh, the enforcement page is not a secret venue.  Second of all, this whole enforcement request is concerned with WMC’s use of a Wikipedia BLP to attack his real world “enemy”, Fred Singer.  The transparency of it all is just too laughable.

Finally, Hipocrite suggests that Fred Singer is trying to score points off of WMC in the real world.  This too is laughable.  WMC may be a big fish in the little pond known as Wikipedia, but in the real world he is a minor footnote at best in comparison to Singer.  This is why WMC must resort to ad hominem attacks on the man.  WMC may have published a couple of insignificant papers in the field, but he has moved on to another career path (thus making him retired from climate science), presumably because he realized he had no real future in his former one.

More and more I suspect that Hipocrite is a sock puppet of William M. Connolley.  There is ample evidence to make this a plausible conjecture but that is a post for another day.

But don’t worry, Hipocrite, if WMC should be even temporarily topic banned from Fred Singer’s BLP for abusive editing thereof I will be more than happy to pass the news along to the proper channels.



  1. Yeah, I’ve thought Hipocrite was WMC’s or someone else’s “at work” account due to his activity occurring mostly during typical working hours in Britain.

    He also exhibits WMC’s typically juvenille behavior and seems to act as the “bad hand” (as if it can get any worse!) or “enforcer” account via overt and covert threats.

    Ah if only I could check user him!

  2. […] Well, less than a day after suspicions of Hipocrite being a sock puppet of William M. Connolley are raised publicly, Hipocrite suddenly begins disagreeing with WMC and chastises him on his own talk page.  This is a […]

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