Posted by: GoRight | May 25, 2010

Tag Team Match of the Day

Well, we have discussed [[WP:TAGTEAM]] previously and today we have a good example of this technique in action.  Following WMC’s contributions today I came across the following discussion:

Un-redirected again, sigh

It seems that SlimVirgin had updated the Anthropogenic Global Warming redirect to instead provide the reader with several applicable options for where to be directed.  William M. Connolley objected and complained that there was no discussion, but of course his objection didn’t provide any rationale for his revert.

Some IP editor came along and tried to support the change both on the main page and on the talk page, with Hipocrite leading the charge against SlimVirgin and the IP who was ultimately shut down with a block.

Today SlimVirgin entered the discussion and is confronted by not 1 but 3 members of the AGW Cabal: William M. Connolley, Hipocrite, and Guettarda, all well recognized associates both on-wiki and off-wiki.

Interested parties are encouraged to enter the discussion and make your views known.  This is just another example of the minutia that the AGW Cabal will edit war over to exert their control over these articles.  The continual assertion of this style of Point of View (POV) pushing is what enables these editors to prevail against the [[WP:NPOV]] policy.


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