Posted by: GoRight | July 6, 2010

What a curious thing to say …

I’ve been reading through the SPI related materials a bit since I have nothing I can do on-wiki at the moment and I came upon the following statement by WMC on Coren’s talk page: … I’m not familiar with the open proxies stuff …

I find this statement to be quite curious given that he claims to have a computer science related doctorate.   Now I have no doubt that the University of Oxford‘s computer science program is second rate, but still to have a doctorate in computer science and not understand what a proxy is?  Simply unbelievable.

Perhaps Oxford was handing out D.Phil.’s as Cracker Jack prizes for a while?  That would explain a lot, actually.

This admission on his part is even more bewildering in light of a statement he made quite some time ago when someone he was arguing with tried to explain some basic networking to him: … The unwanted network advice is unwelcome, however. [[User:William M. Connolley|William M. Connolley]] 21:12, 15 February 2006 (UTC).

Very curious.  Way back when he was offended by the mere suggestion that he might want to read up on IP networking and routers and such but now he doesn’t know “nuthin’ ’bout no proxies.”  Perhaps this is a subtle attempt at misdirection on his part so he could later deny having any such knowledge?  Hmmm.



  1. Yes well, my response to that is people are known by the company they keep – and Connolley’s friend at Real Climate, Gavin Schmidt, is a plagiarist and a liar:

    Anyway, environmentalists of the Connolley-type will always be slime – committing genocide via mass starvation through biofuels, banning things like DDT and keeping the rest of the world impoverished (a huge killer) by preventing their development.

    This is an interesting read about the ethics of environmentalists:

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