Posted by: GoRight | July 10, 2010

One of the lamest arguments ever …

I was going through the contribution histories of Team AGW as I do from time to time and it seems a long-term argument has once again flared up on the Lawrence Solomon BLP.

William M. Connolley has been trying to insure that this article does not refer to Lawrence Solomon as an environmentalist.  That’s right.  This is the level of detail that these climate science advocates are worried about.  I kid you not.  You can see the latest rounds of these discussions here and here.  It’s a ridiculous argument because there are numerous reliable sources that refer to him as an environmentalist, but Team AGW persists in their quest none the less, over and over and over again.

This is dishonest editing at its most ridiculous.

Bonus Feature

This flare up was begun by an IP editor,, back on July 3, 2010.  With all of the socking which has been going on lately it seems prudent to check out every new IP that shows up so I did a reverse DNS search on that IP which yielded the following information: – Geo Information
IP Address
Location CA CA, Canada
City London, ON –
Organization Execulink Internet Services Corporation
ISP Execulink Internet Services Corporation
AS Number AS7794
Latitude 42°98’33” North
Longitude 81°25’00” West

The item of note here is the reverse DNS name:  This is a TOR exit node.  The significance of this is that this editor is trying to hide their identity similar to someone using an open proxy.  For this reason Wikipedia rules consider editing through a TOR network to be a policy violation even though there are many legitimate reasons for using such techniques off-wiki.

Now, do we know of any editors who are admitted sock puppeteers with a history of using TOR networks?  Why yes we do, Hipocrite.  Indeed, when Hipocrite left his “Busted” comment on this site it was posted by IP address whose reverse DNS search yielded the following information: – Geo Information
IP Address
Location CA CA, Canada
City Toronto, ON m5c1n7
Organization E. I. Catalyst
ISP E. I. Catalyst
AS Number AS30528
Latitude 43°66’67” North
Longitude 79°41’68” West

The item of note here is the reverse DNS name:  This too is a TOR exit node.  So I am fairly certain that Hipocrite is still using TOR networks for whatever reasons he feels the need to do so.  I don’t particularly have a problem with it, however Wikipedia would have a problem with him editing through them in this manner.

Now a review of the edit history of the Lawrence Solomon BLP shows three important things:

(1) after a few days of back and forth arguing amongst the regulars on that page Hipcrite shows up and tries to broker a compromise between the IP editor’s position and that of those who oppose it,

(2) prior to this episode Hipocrite never edited that article, and

(3) the position of the IP editor was exactly the same position as that of WMC.

So, here we have an IP editor who is using a TOR network to make the exact same edits that William M. Connolley has been trying to make for a long time kicking off an edit war followed by Hipocrite showing up at an article he has never edited before to broker a compromise between the position of the IP editor and its opponents.  All just a coincidence?  You decide.

Personally I believe that this was either WMC himself using the TOR network to mask his identity, or it was Hipocrite who regularly uses TOR networks making an edit without realizing that he wasn’t logged in thus exposing the IP address of his exit node.



  1. Yeah, their content fights are pretty pathetic, which I believe is part of the point – argue over trivialities to such a point that nobody wants to deal with Klimate Kooks Kabal.

    It is pretty clear that they harass people with socks/ips (e.g. check the history of my user page – not user talk) and that they also use them to further content disputes. The problem is they’ve gotten so good at it that there is difficult to prove.

    When I pointed out Hipocrite canvassing for support 5 years ago, similar to Short Brigade and MastCell doing the same at that time, I HAD to find evidence that far back because they’ve simply gotten better at covering their tracks – notice how he didn’t even deny that he was doing it, he just mocked how the evidence was from 5 years ago.

    Of course, by pointing this out, and demonstrating your knowledge of “TOR” networks, you’ll likely be fingered as a suspect and this post will be used as “proof” that you are a sockpuppeteer.

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