Posted by: GoRight | July 23, 2010

A BLP Nightmare on Wikipedia

What are the odds of that happening?

This article is a BLP nightmare.  (UPDATE: Permanent link to the version as it was when this was written.) Note that a very large proportion of it is completely unsourced and a large proportion of what was once sourced is now relying on dead links from fly by night websites long defunct.  Some claims are now blatantly false (e.g. “The internet site, Citizens for the Integrity of Science, is registered to Steven Milloy’s home address in Potomac, MD, with Milloy listed as the administrative contact.”), and are inherently unverifiable since the domain registration has since changed hands.

Note also that a number of living people are being linked to this article.

The page should be first gutted of any and all unsourced, dead sourced, and known factually incorrect material per BLP.  I suspect it will then be so thin that an AfD would be justified.  If deleted the links from the BLPs which are currently linking here would have to be fixed.

I, unfortunately, am prevented from addressing this problem directly.

UPDATE 7/23/2010:

Another easy example of blatantly false and/or misleading claims would be “the removal of links to from the Cato website“.  Basic fact checking does not appear to be the strong suit of these “climate scientists“:


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