Posted by: GoRight | August 27, 2010

I find this funny

Note the use of the terms “believer” and “nonbeliever” in this statement by MONGO on the proposed decision of the Climate Charge Arbitration.  I find this funny because the author clearly does not consider AGW extremists to be a religion and yet here he is talking about the believers and the nonbelievers.  🙂



  1. “MONGO” is either Hipocrite or a RL friend of Hipocrite. This is clear as day the way they’ve shown up to defend each other in the most ridiculous of ways over the years. Hipocrite is too much of an OCD fuck to stay away, but too cowardly to comment with his Hipocrite account.

    He’s said before, and it is obvious from time-use patterns, that Hipocrite is his at-work account. MONGO is his at-home account.

    There are so many fucking socks commenting on the PD it is ridiculous, but it is okay for them to cheat and play dirty because they are “saving da world.”

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