Posted by: GoRight | September 30, 2010

The Internet is an Amazing Place

WordPress provides statistics on how many hits your site is receiving and where those hits are originating from (i.e. which websites referred a given user to your site).  I sometimes skim through these results to get a feel for where things are coming from.

Today’s results provide a brief example of what I mean.  This is a low volume site with a niche topic and yet we are getting hits from a mention that was made in a Norwegian blog.  The topic was about Stephen McIntyre and when WMC was mentioned in the comments someone posted a reference to A good example of William M. Connolley’s work on Wikipedia. 🙂  Glad I could help.

I’ve found similar instances in the past (which I won’t bother to dig up) but it amazes me the reach that even a simple, low volume blog can actually have sometimes.

I fear that I have not been spending enough time actually blogging about the abuses that are occurring on a regular basis and so perhaps I should do more along those lines.  If we’re getting mentions in Norway without even putting in a reasonable effort, I wonder what we can make happen if I actually try to advertise this blog a bit.  Hmmm.


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