Posted by: GoRight | March 11, 2011

A quick note about commenting here …

During a recent exchange over on WMC’s blog it was noted that I am moderating the comments here.

This is only partially true.  I currently have things set such that the first comment from a particular poster must be moderated.  If approved, subsequent comments from that poster are allowed to pass through untouched.  At least that is how I understand the current setting to work.

So why am I moderating comments at all?  I am forced to moderate things to prevent people from using this blog as a vehicle for settling on-wiki scores.  For example, I have blocked several attempts to “out” a well known Wikipedia editor who is generally recognized as being a skeptic.  I have also taken steps previously to prevent the disclosure of personal information relating to a Wikipedia editor from the alarmist camp as well.  I enforce that policy equally.

See the About Page for our policy on adhering to Wikipedia policies in such matters (since we are a Wikipedia niche blog).

Now none of this is a huge deal.  This is a niche blog with a niche audience but the current settings help me to prevent such activity straight out of the gate, as well as avoiding the trivial circumvention of this policy by simply creating a new account each time.

Once you prove yourself trust worthy you are free to comment as you please.  I do reserve the right to remove material that violates any Wikipedia policies once it has been brought to my attention, or which crosses the line into abusive or libelous commentary against others (with me being the judge of where that line resides).

I will never edit the contents of a message to change its meaning to conform with my own preferred point of view, or to leave the reader with a misleading impression of the original author’s intended meaning.  You are free to disagree here but you have to maintain a minimal level of civility (as judged by me).

Feel free to say whatever you want about me or this blog.  We are the exception to the above.  Don’t be surprised if you get a dose of whatever you try to dish out in return though.  🙂


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