Posted by: GoRight | August 4, 2011

Comment on David Appell’s Quark Soup

Via WMC I came across a post by David Appell at Quark Soup wherein I posted the following comment:

Providing links to news articles which publish unsubstantiated claims by purported victims does not constitute evidence of anything other than the purported victim made a claim.  Watts is right.  Where is the actual evidence that the claim is true?

— GoRight

The comment is awaiting moderation.  Let’s see if it ever appears.

UPDATE: I followed up over on WMC’s blog.  See comment #59.

UPDATE II: Appell approves my comment.  See last comment in this archived version.

UPDATE III: Apparently WMC is offended by the truth.  He removes my comment without a reply.  Sorry, WMC, didn’t mean to offend your delicate sensibilities.  🙂



  1. All comments on my site are automatically published, except those that are for posts over a week old (like yours). Those are held for moderation only to reduce comment-spam. I’ve only ever deleted comments from one person, and that was because he consistently went out of his way to insult me personally, and did so anonymously (which I find cowardly). I do not delete comments that I disagree with.

  2. Understood. The default WordPress options on this site require that any given commenter’s first comment waits for moderation, like yours did, and if approved subsequent comments from that same commenter are likewise automatically approved.

    This behavior is, as you say, meant to combat comment spam. I assumed that you would approve the comment and noted above when you did. It’s all good.

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