Posted by: GoRight | October 12, 2011

SBHB Makes an Accurate but Misplaced Comment.

I thought William was crazy for wanting to be unbanned, and told him so. In the unlikely event his appeal is granted he’ll have flocks of admins, partisans, and partisan admins circling to look for the tiniest misstep. (Cooler heads than mine agree on at least this point.) Someone will haul him before AE for not saying “please” is an edit summary or similar nonsense and he’ll get blocked, which will justify Arbcom’s locking him back up and throwing away the key. Short Brigade Harvester Boris (talk) 00:39, 12 October 2011 (UTC)

via This Diff

As I was discussing in email with Count Iblis, the phenomenon being described by SBHB is a common technique which is used to get people banned.  Just review the arbitration enforcement proceedings related to Abd for a fine example of how every little and ridiculous opportunity is exploited to seek a sanction until something sticks and those that do stick add up over time.  SBHB is familiar with this technique because he and MastCell have seen it employed numerous times against any editor who seeks to improve the NPOV on the climate change articles (i.e. by expressing anything that could be interpreted as supporting a skeptical perspective no matter how well founded it might be). The group seeking to use the tactic in such cases shall remain nameless. I shall begin referring to this group as “the group who cannot be named,” or TGWCBN for short.

SBHB’s comment is misplaced because it will never be used, or at the very least will never be successful, in the case of WMC.  He will be immunized from any effective use of the technique by TGWCBN.  Just like TGWCBN came out to object to any consideration of removing my ban they will come out in support of any action against WMC and thereby derail any such efforts. It will be no different than what we are seeing now with TGWCBN coming out in support of letting WMC begin editing climate change articles again while at the same time objecting to any lifting of sanctions against their perceived enemies (e.g. such as myself).


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