Posted by: GoRight | November 2, 2011

William M. Connolley Opposes Blanket Amnesty For Climate Change

Well the flood of appeals is likely to begin.  The second has already appeared.  This time around it is User:Scjessey who seeks to have his binding voluntary restriction lifted.  Anyone who follows along will remember that Scjessey lies firmly within the ideological perspective espoused by “the group who cannot be named,” or TGWCBN for short.  Given this it should come as no surprise to anyone that WMC has shown up in support of lifting Scjessey’s restriction while simultaneously opposing any blanket amnesty which might include any of the climate skeptics who have been banned.

So it appears that WMC plans to be selective in his support for the lifting of any bans as a means of further skewing the ideological makeup of the editors allowed to contribute to climate change pages. All of this has happened before, and all of it will happen again. It is one of the ways the bias on Wikipedia is maintained.

This is, sadly, a transparent move on WMC’s part, but one worth noting formally none the less.


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