This blog is being setup to make note of various antics at Wikipedia.  The main topic of coverage is the Climate Change articles and the editors who frequent them, however other topics of note may be covered as well.

The contributors to this blog are active and former editors of Wikipedia in the areas being covered.  The purpose for blogging about these issues is to make them more understandable to people who are not insiders.  There has been much written about the bias on the Climate Change coverage at Wikipedia but sometimes nuances of how and why things are the way they are there is probably not at all obvious to other interested parties.  Our goal here is to fill that gap for the benefit of a wider audience.

A note regarding Wikipedia policy:

To the extent that Wikipedia has policies governing off-wiki conduct it is the intent that this blog will adhere to such policies.  If any violations of such policies are noted please bring them to our attention in any of the comment threads of any of the articles.

A note regarding commenting on this blog:

See this.

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