Posted by: GoRight | July 25, 2010

Wikipedia needs checkusers

I was doing some general surfing and I came upon the following:

Towit, why we need more and why the community shouldn’t have been so hard on the noms in the Spring CU/OS election. — RlevseTalk • 22:12, 23 July 2010 (UTC)

I am also aware that the regulars on the climate change pages are upset that the skeptics don’t do more to help out with tracking down Scibaby.  Well here is an opportunity to address both problems at one time:

I hereby volunteer for duty as a Wikipedia checkuser specializing in Scibaby investigations.

So, unblock me and put me on the fast track to checkuser and we can have that backlog caught up in no time!  🙂

UPDATE: Official arbitration committee statements:

8 CheckUser/Oversight election statement
9 Call for applications for Checkuser or Oversight permissions


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